Monday, October 4, 2010

general conference traditions.

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Every April & October, my mom & uncle Job fly out for a general conference brother-sister trip.
I can't even remember how far back this tradition goes.
Sometimes my brothers come along for the adventure & since I just so happen to be going to school in Provo, I get to join in on the festivities.
We tend to go to every session of general conference! It's such a blessing and it has strengthened my testimony greatly.
Within this tradition, there's other family traditions that make this one of my favorite times of the year.

Tradition #1.
We ALWAYS have a family dinner at PF Chang's. Our family tends to take up at least 3 tables and we're kind of loud, but, we just love to have a good time! Unfortunately, I didn't get to go this time, school kind of had a hold on me.

Tradition #2.
We used to have "bishop burgers" at my Tía María Luisa's house after priesthood session, but my uncle is currently serving as a mission president in Guatemala. In the place of "bishop burgers" we have pizza parties in our embassy suites hotel rooms. We don't just have any pizza party, we have a PIE pizza party.

Tradition #3.
After Sunday afternoon session, we gather at my prima Magos' house for a thanksgiving type feast.

Did I mention I my family?

Do you have any awesome general conference traditions? Share please!

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