Saturday, January 1, 2011

8 simple rules.

I'm really excited to meet 2011. I woke up smiling today & filled with a new sense of determination & positivity. I have this feeling deep down inside that 2011 will be one for the history books. I've never felt so much optimism at the start of a new year before & it's kind of invigorating. It's like someone sprinkled bright yellow lemon zest into my life (weird description, I know, but yellow's my fave color & lemon zest smells amazingly fresh). I have a new mantra for this year : "Life is for living." That simple phrase encompases my new found sense of carpe-diesm.

eight is my most favorite number — partly because I was born on the 8th day of the 8th month, but mostly for alot of little reasons. & it's kind of magical that I came up with 8 new years resolutions for 2011. I thought long & hard about these goals; I've been planning some for a month now. In the end, I came up with 4 public goals & 4 private goals. I didn't really intend for it to happen that way, promise. There's just some goals that are kind of personal goals that I only share with a selected few because they are super important & precious to me. That probably sounds bogus, but if you knew the goals, trust, you'd understand.
New Years Resolutions 2011 edition.
1. Run a half-marathon
Last year, I gave myself the challenge to learn to love running and I've made progress,
which you can read about here & here. But this is the big daddy challenge of them all. I'm
excited to prove to the world & myself, that I can run 13.1 mi & still live to tell the story.

2. No junk food
for realsies this time. I was doing so good, then I slipped, crashed & burned. Plus
following #2 will greatly help #1.

3. Read scriptures at least 10 min. everday.
I skype read the Book of Mormon with my brother as often as possible (laugh if you will. I
love it!) but, on the days I can't skype, I'll read on my own. I'm starting from the
beginning all the way from Genesis. This way, Ezra & I are still in the same boat & I get to
brush up on my Bible stories. It's a win-win.

4. Learn to swallow a pill.
Embarrassing? yes. Impossible? no. It's all in my head because I can swallow all sorts of
things just fine...I just freeze up when it comes to medicine. My current strategy in dealing
with pain is to wait it out. I probably have a stronger tolerance for pain than your average
20 year old because of that. When I have a headache I give myself (or have someone else do
the honors) Frankenstein bolts (apply pressure with fingers to my temples). I also
sometimes tie a bandana super tight around my head to create comfortable pressure. It's
amazing how creative you can get when you can't take medicine.

5. sorry.

6. You'll see

7. Hopefully!

8. Someday you'll understand...

That's a lot of written word & I'm sorry. I promise to have more picture posts. I just felt like I had to explain a couple of things. What are your new years resolutions? Please share! :]

All of my (& support in your resolution efforts!),


Anonymous said...

I cannot swallow pills either! haha I avoid them at all costs! I get the teeny tiny advils for this reason. Oh and liquid DayQuil. Ick. :P

Amy said...

My resolutions are to drink more water, celebrate life more, and no more texting and driving! Love that you skype and share passages with your brother! That's so good!

Anonymous said...

I made 16 resolutions for being 16 years old!

Diana Mieczan said...

Really love your resolutions. I am planning to eat healthier and dress more Parisian:)
Happy New Year

Ashley Hasty said...

I'm new to your blog...I saw your comment on ExPresso and thought I'd bop on over to your blog and say a quick hello!

<3 Ashley

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