Friday, January 7, 2011

feliz friday — the explanation.

Feliz Friday.
That means happy friday in Spanish (cough cough Tiff)
but Qu'est ce?
It all started with a sketch book & a calendar.
I'm Mexican.
99 (or something like that) %.
Every now & then, my dad travels to Me-hi-ko to visit my relatives.
When I was in fifth grade, he brought me back a scribe sketchbook.
[best thing EVER!]
I was obsessed with Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, and other anime series at the time.
So I would fill the scribe's with printed pictures of the cartoons I adored.
It was a scrapbook of sorts.
As time went on,
I kept adding to the sketchbook filling it with pictures
and clippings of other things that made me happy
& thus, the happy book was born.
Feliz Fridays come from
this Calendar.
I've purchased it for two years now...
Every day, I would write my favorites in this happy book
& on Fridays, I made it a goal to blog about my favorite happiness-causing-thing listed.
I just found out there's an online version.
& since I've already purchased a Mexico calendar for my room,
I'll probably follow that one.
One day, I'll scan actual pages from my Happy Book,
but, for now I'll just show snippits of it in picture form.
volume i on the left, ii on the right

these are a few of my favorite things, literally.
My freshman year favorites!
High school hand-writing. oi vey!

transformation. from little monster —> to beeeeast. gah!
I feel like I just shared a piece of my soul with you!
For the online version of the happy book, click here.
happiness is a marvelous thing!
All of my ,


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