Friday, January 28, 2011

something new.

The blog got a makeover!

I put my design skills to work & created an entire new layout.
I stalk design blogs like crazy and drew inspiration for the new look from airmail
wedding invitations.
I thought it seemed fitting for the blog.

I'm still not completely done with the layout.
I'll be tweaking for at least a week till I'm completely satisfied.
I'm a perfectionist.

I love love love design so much
& I'm always down for helping a friend in need.
[free of charge of course]
I'm in no way good enough to charge people, at least not yet.

Adiós old blog design, you shall be missed!

All of my


Li-Sha said...

good job lauren!! it looks so good! :)

Leanna said...

lauren you should help me make my blog cooler! i love yours!

Lauren said...


You know I'm always down, but I think your blog is already super cool!!!

Brooke Self said...

Okay hi, pick me pick me! :) This new layout is super cool, and my blog just needs help. I'm not much of a design person, although I took an InDesign Class in the library and felt like I learned a ton! you inspire me. <3 Brooke

Liz V. said...

Lauren! The new design is so clean and fabulous! I'm a fan.

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