Friday, July 8, 2011

Placita Olvera.

My best friends & I decided that we're going to see LA this summer as tourists.
Olvera street, or "Placita Olvera" as every Mexican in Los Angeles refers to it, is known as the birthplace of LA. You can still visit the oldest house in Los Angeles there, built in 1818. Placita Olvera is full of Mexican culture and there are a ton of artisan crafts from just across the border that you can purchase.I will definitely be returning for some items for my apartment.We had lunch at La Golondrina.
Misden & I both ordered chicken & cheese flautas & they were divine.
Jeniffer's food also looked equally delicious, she ordered sopes.
Note to self: try those next time.

We also may or may not have paid a woman $1 each to dress in sombreros and pose with a life-sized plush donkey.
Best $1 I've ever spent.

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Flor said...

that is sooooo cool! i did not know that was the birth place of LA, but it sure looks lovely! i want to go there someday now, especially because it captured the best of mexico. it makes me realize that we trully have a great culture!


Julianne said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! i am so glad i found yours! another good read :) i'm gonna follow! you are just adorable!

Alex said...

That food looks absolutely delicious, and the setting reminds me of "El Mercado" in my home town.

Megan said...

thanks for your blog comment! and these pictures are so cute! the food looks glorious. :]

anna said...

love this!

Audrey Blake said...

Love Placita Olvera! We go there whenever we go visit my grandparents in LA. So fun!

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