Friday, July 29, 2011

Yours Sincerely,

Snail mail always puts a smile on my face no matter who it's from. If I had things my way that would be the only way I'd communicate with friends. I love that when you read letters you can kind of hear the persons voice in your head.

Case in point: today I got an unexpected letter in the mail from a dear friend who just so happens to be from New Zealand. I could hear his accent as fresh as day as I read the letter to myself. It did kind of help though that all throughout the letters there were little kiwi colloquialisms like "that's mean as!", "slack!", "heaps of fun", or "I reckon." I wish I had cool colloquialisms to include in my letters.

Chances are, if you've ever written me a letter I have it stored away. I can't part with letters and it drives my mom nuts. I have a special box that I keep them all in & whenever I'm feeling down and out i'll pull it out and read some to myself. Sometimes I'll read a Christmas card in the summer!

So write me a letter.

All of my,


kylee said...

snail mail really is the best! and not just receiving it. i equally love sending it. i keep all of my letters too! i have them safely in a drawer. every last one of them.

Kathryn said...

Oh I love getting letters! There's just something really exciting about seeing a letter addressed to you :)

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