Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Centennial State.

My family & I have spent the last week & a half in Colorful Colorado.
Colorado? YES!
Every time I told someone I was vacationing in Colorado
they would kind of scrunch up their face
& confusingly ask, "why?"

Why not?
CO fit the Flores Family travel criteria:
1. Has a Temple
2. Has a MLB team
Priorities, remember?

We had one of the best family vacationing trips ever.
Be prepared my lovelies to be showered with pictures from the trip.
[With probably more than you'll care for]

All of my ,

p.s. We're going to decide our next vacation destination on Monday. Any suggestions?


Carly said...

I'm from Colorado! Looks like we've switched places. Hope it was good to you :)

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