Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why I want to work at the DMV.

I had to go to the DMV today (obviously.), the Compton DMV on Santa Fe. It took longer than necessary -- as most appointments at the DMV do.

Mom parked the car while I went to go wait at window 22.

I liked standing in line at window 22. I discovered you can tell what people are in line for by looking at their feet. Body language. The tension is high in the window 22 line (driving test check-in also takes place here).

I was serene.
In my relaxed state, I took interest in observing the workers at my local DMV. Okay, I admit, I did this partially because I was really tired of the girl in front of me's attempts to strike up a conversation.

Back to the workers.

I recognized a couple of them from previous visits. I noticed that window 22 was now occupied by its regular tenant, a pretty black woman. Last time I was here it was occupied by a man who slightly resembles Abis Mal from Return of Jafar. Slightly.

I had been curious about window 22's real tenant mainly because of a poorly done collage featuring pictures of said real tenant and her boyfriend (husband?) surrounding one of those cheesy quotes teenagers are drawn too. You know, the ones that have all kinds of crazy fonts used to highlight different words? So it doesn't just say, "I Love You," but "I Love You," with hot pink squiggly type-face.

That's how you know it's real.

Customer service is horrible at the DMV.

I always try to be extremely nice to the workers there, because I figure, they could probably use a smile or two.

I decided though today, that I want to work at the DMV. Maybe even specifically at window 22. I would have a dish of candy at my cubicle and maybe even a roll of stickers (too much?). I would always reassure those nervous drivers that they'd be fine (even if I knew deep down they'd probably fail). I would understand that normal everyday people don't always know DMV protocol. I'd cut them some slack for not knowing that their legal driver has to be in line with them (if they're here for a driving test). & If people passed their driving tests or permit tests or motorcycle tests or (you get the point), I'd give them two thumbs up. Really. Maybe even a high-five if they strike my fancy.

Excuse me, I have an online application to fill.


mojo2cool said...

I really enjoyed this Lauren. You are a good story teller.

Amy said...

you are such a great writer. and you seem like a charming person! I enjoyed this. :)

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