Thursday, August 4, 2011

Garden of the Gods & other stuff...

Our second Colorado Springs outing was by far my favorite day of the trip! It was the trip that almost didn't happen though. We woke up and drove to Manitou Springs to purchase tickets for the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. I figured, Thursday not too many tourists, perfect time to catch a train ride. So wrong! We were put on a waiting list and by some miracle were able to get tickets on the 12:00 train. We rode up 14,000 feet and saw some of the most spectacular views Colorado has to offer.

We tried out the loop mexican restaurant (it hardly compares to LA Mexican food. obvs.) & then went on a little stroll of historic manitou springs.

The best part of the day was visiting the breathtaking landscapes of Garden of the Gods. It happened to be a rainy day when we visited so the red rock formations against the purple sky simply took my breath away. To think somebody owned the land before it was given to the city of Colorado Springs. Lucky man!

We also randomly/spontaneously attended a rodeo?
The conversation in the car went like this:
Dad: A rodeo! Oh I've been wanting to go to the rodeo! Who wants to go?
Everyone else in the car: . . .
Needless to say we all went.
& they reenacted some scenes from the war on terrorism in Afghanistan?
Quite the experience I must say.

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kylee said...

i think that would've been my favorite part of the trip too. such pretty pictures. and you my dear look gorgeous in them. plus that outfit of yours? super cuuute.

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