Sunday, March 24, 2013

the best time of the mission.

A while ago, we had a tri-mission conference where one of the speakers said, "you should make every companionship the best time of your mission." I can honestly say that this transfer has so far lived true to that statement. I love my companion so much. I know that my Heavenly Father placed me with Hna Arcila for a specific reason, there have been so many growing experiences already.

It's amazing to me how fast paced missionary work is. When I first got to Pecan Park, we were dropped or had to drop so many of the people that Hna Arcila and her previous companion were teaching. So we really did start from scratch. Pecan Park used to cover an additional area as well, but the area was split up. Our area is tiny, smaller than Pasadena. 

We've been knocking this week: Stillwell, Soto Cir, Linden, tracking down formers in apartment complexes: namely willow creek. And we have had miracles! 

We may or may not have a baptism this weekend. We are currently working with a woman named Graciela, she was an investigator Hna Arcila and her previous companion were working with. Graciela is this big sweet woman with long white and blonde hair, she loves cooking for us, and was introduced to the church by her best friend. Graciela is leaving for Honduras for a month this upcomming week, and we're trying to help her be baptized this weekend. She has a testimony, knows that the church is true, but is trying to figure out if she wants to wait till after her trip to Honduras to get baptized or not. Just another kind of 11th our kind of ordeal.

I played piano in sacrament meeting yesterday, didn't completely disrupt the spirit so that was a blessing. Also, I am now the unofficial piano player for relief society and primary so I will probably be bouncing around from classroom to classroom on Sundays. We had a mini miracle last night! I shed some tears last night, and kind of officially said goodbye to Pasadena in a way, I kind of had to break up with it you could say. Hna Arcila had a mini comp inventory (a good kind, not the type you hear horror stories about. I love my companion!) with cupcakes drizzled with cinnamon, and recognized how much the Lord has blessed us. We discussed how we have learned so much already from this companionship, when we're only starting week three. 

Last night, we were trying to visit an investigator. Unfortunately, they had company over so invited us back for another day. As we were walking in the dark to our car, a man called out to us, "A ver cuando me visiten?" "You should come visit me!" Hna Arcila and I had already been grossly hit on earlier, and I was kind of annoyed so in my sassy way I just kind of responded, "sure! We'll come by and visit you." Then the man mentioned, "apostoles y profetas" and I stopped dead in my tracks. I asked him to repeat himself, but couldn't hear him so we walked closer to him. He said, "are you from the church that has Apostles and Prophets? And teaches about Nephi, Mononi, and what's that other guy's name?" Turns out, Carlos, aforementioned Man's name, is from El Salvador and was taught by missionaries back there, was going to church, and really liked it, but since he came here he hasn't been taught. We set up an appointment, gave him our last copy of the Book of Mormon, and went home feeling really happy!

Pecan Park has so much potential, I love this area. In a weird way knocking is now my new favorite thing, and finding has become so much fun. God definitely knew what He was doing when He put Hna Arcila and I together.

te amo y'all! (just a little texas shoutout!)
Hna Flores

former finding in Willow Creek, the massive apartment complex in our area.

E. Tuai and his greenie treated us to happy face pancakes at iHop.

Yaire! The daughter of a woman we're teaching.


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