Sunday, March 10, 2013

Farewell Pasadena!

Thasss a good list! (Hna Tonga & Hna Flores)
1. Elder Conan: "You know the kind of people who go rollerskating?"
Hna Flores: "You know the kind of people who eat fried chicken?"
2. Elder Hatch: "So, I'll be supporting Hufflepuff."
Hna Flores: "Oh okay, Cho Chang!"
3. F vs. K New Year's ward dinner drama
4. "It's the taqueria right next to KFC"
5. Aguacado
6. "Hey Hermana!" --Elder Hatch to the waitress at taqueria mentioned in #4
7. PUDGY!!! & the gang
8. New Missionary Training --> turns out, things aren't as bad as we thouht.
9. Familia Castro. Damian playing with my hair, kissing me, and calling me "mi amor"
10. Zebra pajamas from Hermana Zenih
11. Chinese buffets back to back
12. Victor: "I finished reading in Genesis! I'm starting Exodus."
13. "May I pleased be excused Mom?" --Bryan.
14. "Thass a good question!" "Oooh Hna, you're good, you're gonna be a tough DA!" --Bryan
15. "Y'all believe in the rapture?" --Emmanuel
16. <S>Crying</S> BAWLING in front of Hna Ponce's.
17. Tony's question: "No Mah! I know already! Man I don know!"
18. "Nano, you want to read the book Nano? Read the book!"
19. Hna Perales giving Hna Tonga hih heeled boots.
20. Hna Herrera's story about her mom, faith, and cancer.
21. "Man I hate that you think! Her testimony was easy to understand!" --Elder Ho Ching to Hna Flores
22. "I have to! If not, I look like Cookie Monster"--Emmanuel on his eyebrows
23. Surprise Christmas Eve dinner with the Toscanos and them giving us bracelets.
24. Hna Tonga dropping phone in water=foggy screen for a week
25. Hna Tonga leaving the phone at the Native American medicine woman's home.
26. Question #1 when we knock doors: "Son gemelas?" Question 2: "Son Hermanas?"
27. "That is the most expensive booty you will ever slap" --Elder Davis on bulls
28. Hna Tonga spending $40+ on picures at NASA
29. 873.9 miles for the month!
30. The time the Toscano girls confided in us BIG TIME
32. Priscilla's baptism production--Prom? "Why don't you want to wear high heels?"
33. "YOU SINNERS! DAIRY QUEEN? --Elder Hatch "We bought blizzards for you!" --Hna Flores "Oh! HECK YEAH (insert E. Hatch's high pitched voice) A Valentines day to remember
34. "I've decided I want out!" -L "You were never in!" (Hna Flores y Hna Tonga thought process)
35. "I feel like I was betrayed by a cult!" -L anti-mormon rage
36. New wardrobe and tastiest burgers in Pasadena--Carmen Tuesdays
37. Valentines Day lesson with Hna Gonzalez, spreading the love.
38. " rack?...THE SISTERS!" -- E. Hatch
" rack?...THE ZLs!" --Hna Flores
39. The week we ran at Strawberry park, and Pasadena town square for reasons only known to Hna Tonga and Hna Flores
40. M W F Su= Tonga, T TH Sa= Flores (district leader phone schedule)
41. The time our disctrict bought everyone else McDonalds
42. Charlene= "Yeah, we're kind of not talking...He's in jail."
43. Lessons in being Hna Flores' dad
44. There's a Hawaiian in Pasadena?!?!?! Meeting Uncle Moke #polyconnections
46. Reminiscing with the 30s club-single edition
47. E. Ho Ching's phone call Subway, great <S>minds</S> tummies think alike.
   I'm leaving my birth area! I'm being transferred, and I have no idea where I'm going because all but two (Pasadena & Pecan Park) areas are training, and I didn't get called to train this transfer! I'm really happy that President is giving me a little training break, because so far I've been the only Hna  who trained back to back. phewww. The logical thing would be for me to go to Pecan Park, but Hna Arcila isn't currently serving there, and we're not sure if President is going to put two native Spanish speakers together, so honestly, I'm stumped, but so excited!
   This week was a little slow, I experienced snow days #2 & 3 on the mission because Hna Tonga was out with the flu two days back to back. Let's just say I got very well acquainted with the Bible Dictionary, the first 11 chapters of Genesis, a bit of Revelations, and a whole lot of Book of Mormon and D&C sections. It felt so god to see the sunshine after being cooped up two days in doors.
   I'm so excited and ready to meet the wonderful people of my new area! It feels like prepping for the first day of school all over again! :) But of course, Pasadena will always hold a special espacio en mi corazon!
Te amo!
Hna Flores

My scriptures got a makeover.
Sick day #2 = all day long 
study session. We had cuban burgers (so delicious!) for lunch with the Familia Serrano!
La Familia Toscano's new dog, I think it looks like Chewbacca. :]


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