Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pecan Park

10 Things that make me INCREDIBLY happy: Pecan Park edition
1. The downtown Houston skyline! I'm currently serving in Houston and in the closest area to downtown in the mission!
2. Hna Arcila is my companion! The impossible happened, President Crawford put the only two Latinas in the mission together.
3. Centro Americanos. I hear more than just Mexican accents everyday.
4. Wooden panel floors in our apartment. Oh the little joys in life, our apartment is so much newer than my last apartment which means, it's just that much nicer. 
5. The hidden "Pasadena/San Marino" neighborhood in our area. Hna Arcila and I went to try and go knocking on Saturday, I chose the street, um. The street was full of BEAUTIFUL million dollar looking homes, and unfortunately full of Caucasians, we ended up not knocking.
6. We live right next to a convent. Yes, oh the irony of things, as I am serving as a sister missionary I live right next to a group of nuns, kind of hilarious isn't it. 
7. Elder Davis' Indie Hymns CD. Lower Lights, I had heard them before the mission, but never thought much about them, now that my musical selection is limited, well... it's kind of like music to my ears. 
8. People who listen! Oh my goodness, the people here actually listen to us, give us the time of day, are kind. It's wonderful.
9. Did I mention I love having a latina companion.
10. I feel like I'm serving in East L.A. (Although, East Los I'm not going to lie, is so much better.)

Miracles happen! Hna Arcila and I are companions! You should have heard the gasps and cheers in transfer meeting when President announced we would be put together. Elder Jensen (He's my zone leader/once again in my district) refers to us as the "sassiest companionship in the mission." Once upon a time I heard that Pecan Park is where Beyonce lived, but I'm not sure how true that rumor is.
   Pecan Park is in Houston, so I can now actually say that I've served in Houston. I serve in the Broadway 3rd ward and I love it so much. It has a completely different feel than Pasadena, maybe because there are more than just Mexicans in the ward, and there's a lot more Spanish spoken. It also just has a "city" type feel to it. Pecan Park is filled with curvy streets and we have freeways in our area, that's been an adventure in itself. 
   Working with Hna Arcila has been so great. It's so different being in a companionship with someone who understands the language just as much as you do. I love my ward so much as well, and um, guess who's attempting to play piano these days? I knew my luck of not having to butcher hymns was going to wear out soon. I'm the piano player for baptisms, relief society, and will sometimes play for sacrament, I definitely will be practicing a whole lot more. 
  I don't have much time to email today, but. I will get my thoughts more composed and ready for next week! 

Con Todo Mi Amor, 
Hna Flores


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