Sunday, December 8, 2013

Instead of a Lengthy letter...

We had dinner this week with the Eslava family. Cutest children ever who are just so enthralled with everything we say and do! They were having little arguments about who's turn it was to speak with the missionaries. This is contrast with another dinner appointment we had this week. A little boy said in his prayer, "Heavenly Father, please bless me so that when the missionaries are here I won't feel bored." classic. After he finished praying he said, 'I hate missionaries.' Hna St. John and I died of laughter. He explained that his parents don't let him go upstairs and play with toys while the missionaries are here. worst punishment ever.

We were supposed to take Eren (left of Hna St. John) out to lessons with us this week, but found out that youth have to be 16 to ride in our car. Worst thing ever. We were so bummed, so to make up for it, we ordered Whataburger for her and her mom and had lunch with them on Wednesday. Also, Hna St. John said, "I've never eaten so many burgers in my life!" That's what happens when you become companions with someone who's favorite food is burgers. nom. nom. nom.

We were invited to Thanksgiving at the Pomeroy's home. Brother Pomeroy used to be in the mission presidency, but was released because he was called to serve as a sealer in the Houston temple. Brother Pomeroy hosts us every Wednesday for a "Spanish" lesson at his house. Although, we sometimes sabatogue the time and use it to tap into the extensive gospel knowledge storehouse he has.

And finally, this is what missionaries do on an all day Pday on Thanksgiving day. Gather together to play board games.

  & make planners for Christmas gifts.

With love,
Hna Flores


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