Friday, December 20, 2013

Kind of like a Second Mission call...

I'm being transferred.  .  .
& usually when I'm being transferred or changing companions, I start off with a list of hall of fame memories. But, I kind of have a bombshell to drop. Because you see, I kind of know where I'm going. I may have to order a new name tag, because I'll be spending my last two transfers in...


It hasn't hit me yet, at least not fully. Christmas in Louisiana. New Years in Louisiana. For 13 weeks, the last 13 weeks of my mission, I will be serving as an English speaking missionary. Everything about this is different. State. Language. Companion. Food. & an English speaking ward! I don't even remember what it's like to go to church in English. I'm going to be singing English hymns. I'm going to be conversing with people in English.

It's a big secret.
Only my companion and I, President Crawford, and the assistants know. & it's kind of the best secret ever.

President Crawford called yesterday at around three. It was my driving day and so Pres. Crawford told Hna St. John to have me give him a call when I wasn't driving. Hna St. John was so hilarious, as soon as she got off the phone she yelled, "PULL OVER!" After pulling up to our next appointment, I called President, took the phone off speaker and listened as my heart beat tremendously fast. President Crawford said, "Hna Flores! I have a special assignment for you! If you could go anywhere in the mission where would it be?" Instantly Louisiana came to mind, but I didn't respond. I was just caught off guard. President Crawford explained that the "special assignment" would require me to serve English my last two transfers. I accepted. I was shocked and after we had tried our appointment without any success, I felt impressed to text President Crawford. I wrote, "President, to answer your question, probably Louisiana." After three minutes time I got a phone call and the first thing President said when I answered was, "Hna you guessed it!"

Louisiana has ALWAYS been a mission wish for me. I feel like Heavenly Father's favorite child right now. I will be serving in a trio in Louisiana, and trios are my favorite. I'm so so SO excited. Also, I guess third time is the charm. I have almost served English speaking twice before. Once at the very start of my mission, the second time recently when I was almost paired up with Sis Haynie. As I explained to President about how this had been something I had always secretly wanted he said, "Hna I feel SO good about this. I just know this is what needs to happen."

On the other hand, I am quite sad to leave Baytown. I know however that I'm leaving Baytown in wonderful hands. I am so PROUD of Hna St. John. Ah, if you all could just see how far she has come along. My heart is filled to the brim with joy. Baytown seriously has been the best. I admire so much the strong leadership here in this ward, their dedication to the Lord will forever be engraved in my mind. I can't wait to get my happy little self back here, and hopefully soon because there are two baptisms lined up! I only hope that I can find a kind member who would be willing to make the drive from Louisiana to Baytown. (Pray for me!)
& without further ado...

Hna St. John (San Juan) & Hna Flores Lil' guys in Bayberty.
1. The brakes on this Toyota are so touchy!
2. I haven't gotten one subway gift card.
3.There's no repeat button on our car stereo.
4. People keep giving us water bottles and there are half full water bottles all over the place in our car.
5. We always have a tough time pulling up to the key pad to our gated apartment.
6. Our district leader only speaks English. How is he supposed to interview someone that only speaks Spanish?
7. It's 8 o'clock at night and we have to knock doors in a sketchy part of town because it's Sundaynight and we have no gas.

& others...
8. Hna St John's bed time stories, novel of choice: Hna Flores' pre-mish journal
9. The one time we got packages galore? Christmas in October?
10. Being mad at Sassy Jesus.
11. "I'll just write a book, make a religion, and get killed." -said no one ever
12. The time President Crawford asked us to speak Spanish 24/7
13. Asking Hna St. John to memorize our phone number. Hna S: "Hna, I don't need to memorize it, I'm never going to forget my planner." Next day, forgotten planner.
14. Our pet cat: Taza. Tazita.
15. Having an in-depth Spanish grammar convo in the bathroom @ Texas Roadhouse because of the "lava tus manos" sign.
16. Knocking into a man, then seeing him the next day at zone meeting lunch. Um, server?
17. Every dog is named either Max or Brownie. Every cat, Tom.
18. The time we discovered Chick-fil-A sauce.
19. Mystery referral from the English elders, "She didn't speak any English but..."
20. "Classic"
21. "Lo peor!"

Made all my companions EVER (minus the two at home, and one in another mission) a little Christmas gift. Content: two burned CDs, a handmade planner, a Christmas letter, and the cutest mechanical pencils known to mankind.
Exchanges in Mont Belvieu. Just a little color-coding/organizing fun. :] The Hna Flores touch.
Christmas Conference! E. Sully, Hna Tonga, and Myself.
Katia! Our sweet investigator who left us for the tropical temperatures of the Dominican Republic.
The Aguirres! A family that is actually from my home stake in Long Beach. small. small. mundo.
Edgar & Esperanza Hernandez! & Analia! Love these three way too much.
The Rodriguez family, aka Ward Mission Leader.
Hno Pomeroy. Sad thing about going to Louisiana, no more Spanish classes. :[ 
The last Spanish class of my mission. :]


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