Monday, February 10, 2014


Yes, I made the subject of my email a line from your classic Mormon missionary movie. :) While I'm not companions with an Elder Rogers, I am companions with Sister Rogers. She joined our trio in Lake Charles & it was such a smooth transition, I feel like she's been here for weeks! Sister Rogers is a cute little red-head from South Jordan, UT. She's been on her mission for about 10 months, loves musicals, carries an 8oz tub of Chick-fil-A sauce (pre-mission job), and says "ruddy-tutti" frequently. We love her.

I think part of the reason why this transfer transition went so smoothly, is because we had appointments lined up, we had people to teach! Within two days Sis. Rogers had met everyone we are working with. This week we saw:
Andrea: We finished the plan of salvation with her. She has started with her away games and isn't here over the weekend. She is still having a hard time recognizing the spirit. Her Boyfriend got his mission call this week! We really feel that we just need to help her understand the Atonement, and especially how we learn about the Atonement through reading the Book of Mormon.

Myers: We had dinner with the Myers this week! (Family from California) They made this delicious Turkish dish with rice, pork, and a sauce that reminded me of tzatziki (greek-yogurt based sauce). It was so delicious. I love that family! They apparently came to stake conference yesterday, but we didn't get a chance to see them there or say hi! They also answered our Book of Mormon texts that we've been sending them to keep them on track and they already read their assigned reading! We are so excited to keep working with them.

Bro. Ortiz Sr: First off, President Crawford met Bro. Ortiz Jr at stake conference and I served as interpreter. President had read our emails about Bro. Ortiz's example and really wanted to meet him. Bro. Ortiz Sr had a great lesson at the Clifford's home (our sole spanish-speaking family). He also told us that this week he's planning on coming to church. He is reading his Libro de Mormon daily and we (more like me now that my other Spanish-speaking companion is gone) are trying to help increase his faith in Jesus Christ.

This past transfer meeting was such an emotional one! It was the strangest thing to watch all the Hermanas that I came to the mission field with bear their "final testimonies" over the pulpit in the Kingwood chapel. I especially shed a couple of tears when Hnas Canova and Arcila went up. In a silly way, I was grateful that I could somewhat be part of the program and lead in the music. It was such a powerful experience to lead a strong force of missionaries in "Ye Elders of Israel." Such a priceless moment.

At transfers President encouraged us all to, "make this the BEST transfer of your mission." I am determined to do just that. I am not fearful about going home, I recognize that it is just another page turning onto a new chapter of my life. I am excited to be the best member missionary and become anxiously engaged in the hastening of the work back home.

I love you ALL!
Sis Flores

p.s. My Tia Maria wrote a story about my friend Steph's baptism!

My mission Hermana (we were trained together) went home. :( Love her to pieces!
Next time it'll be Sis Wenzel & I's time to go
Una Obra Maravillosa.


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