Monday, February 24, 2014

Ornate details.

Cigarette fumes have always been my head's worst enemy. A 20 min exposure leaves me with a dizzying headache for days! Such was the case at the start of this week. I went on an exchange with the sisters in Orange, TX and in almost every home we visited there was a lighted cigarette, last embers left on an ash tray, and a heavy smog-like layer of fumes trapped within the confines of walls. Along with a desire to improve my teaching abilities, I left Orange with a throbbing head pain. The worst thing about this whole experience was that I traveled to the Houston temple the next day: let me tell you, six hours in a car is not the best environment for Sis. Flores with a bad headache. In spite of all this, the Lord was so merciful and through the entire temple session my headache seemingly "disappeared." I was so blessed to be able to be alert and at peace. I love that Heavenly Father cares so much for each of us, that he is willing to let a silly little thing like a headache not becoming a huge distraction for a spiritual experience. <3

At the Houston temple I was also blessed with a surprise! I ran into "Mama Rosie" a member of easily my favorite family from my time in Pecan Park. She and a friend had just decided to go to the temple at the precise day that I was there. Mama Rosie is the member who spent two days cooking my birthday dinner of Mole this summer. I just felt so grateful to be able to see her before I head home.

We had an amazing lesson this week with Richard. Richard was the LA man who we fond about three weeks ago, at the end of my first transfer in Lake Charles. We brought with us the Youngs, a great-strong couple from our ward. They knew Richard well, and offered an outpouring of love. I had thought a lot about Richard, In our last meeting with him he had asked the question, "sometimes I wonder if President Monson ever feels like he's the worst person alive..." I thought about that. I thought about how sometimes I'm hard on myself, we all our. I shared with Richard 2 Ne 4 where Nephi the great prophet laments, "O wretched man that I am!" (2 Ne 4:17). We all have our days where we feel belittled by the world, where we feel like failures, but the trick is to turn it around! Cleave to the Lord for strength.

Also, the Myers family came to church this week! ALL of them. :) & we have set a baptismal date with their daughter for March 22nd. Unfortunately, I will be in California by that time, but I had multiple confirmations to made to me this week that this is the correct date. :)

& for some exciting news, I GOT INTO BYU's MPA program. :) I'll be back at school come Fall 2014. :) 

The Lord is so wonderful!
Sis. Flores


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