Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Spirit Promptings & Preparings

Sis Johnson, Muñoz, and Flores let the good times roll in Louisiana. 
1. "He went to jail when I was born, that's why I want to baptize him."
2. Spoon monster strikes again!
3. Finding area books/teaching records in every crevice of our apartment.
5. Sis F: "I pray for my husband daily." Sis M: "That's so good! I pray for him sometimes."
7. Sis. F: "What's that?" (pointing to a man's tattoo.) Tattooed man: "Psychadellic Eye of Ra."
8. Should I say, "Brother Lance T....?"
9. Gud murnin!

The spirit is simply splendid. There were so many spirit-inspired moments incidents and promptings that took place this week. Just to list a few:

.Pentecostal man.
I'm not sure if I emailed home about this, but around Christmas time, my companions and I were at a gas station when a man called out to us and asked if we were Pentecostal. When we walked over to him and explained that we were missionaries we initially thought, "golden contact." But, it became more and more apparent that he merely wanted to Bible bash. :( Anyways, this week I was looking through my planner and saw that I had written a note to myself about him. I thought, "hmmm. I wonder how that man is doing?" No joke, that day we ran into him as we were filling our car's air with tires. Unfortunately, he still wanted to bible bash.

.Sis Muñoz switcharoo.
Sis Muñoz is leaving Sis Johnson and I. As President put it, 'it hardly seems fair.' Not only is she leaving however, she is going Spanish! I kept telling her this weekend, "YOU TOOK MY SPOT! HOW COULD YOU?!?!?!" :) Jokingly of course. Last Monday I felt impressed to email President about Sis Muñoz' Spanish-speaking abilities. I explained to him that she was fluent, and if he needed to, he could switch her to Spanish. For you see, we have about 7 Hnas leaving the mission this Wed, with only one coming in. So in an effort to not have too many areas close down, I felt I should suggest it. 

I also emailed President to ease his worries about Sis. Muñoz not liking being close to home. When President first called me to let me know that he was sending me to Louisiana, he told me one of my companions had to come here, and that I would understand what he meant. Sis Muñoz is from Houston, but awaiting her visa to Brazil. President was worried that she might not like serving so close to home, so he sent her the very furthest he possibly could. 

Saturday night after the transfer call came, Sis Muñoz and I were reflecting on this whole transfer out loud and she said, "isn't this perfect!? Heavenly Father sent me to Louisiana so that I could be with you, an Hna and so that we could teach Dionicio and have experience teaching in Spanish." Sis Muñoz made the observation that perhaps President's being worried about her being close to home was actually inspiration to send her far away to Louisiana so that we could be companions in English-land and yet still teach Spanish speakers. The Lord works in mysterious ways.& I guess I should be referring to her as Hna Muñoz now. :)

.The most fulfilling LA lesson.
All this week I kept feeling that we needed to visit a certain LA woman. This LA lives in the projects here in Lake Charles, she can hardly read and has a son who is VERY hyperactive and I believe has ADHD. We went to visit and I felt impressed that we should tailor our lesson more to this LA woman's son, we'll call him Matthew. Matthew live in his own little world, he believes that he is from another planet, he calls it, "Iron-man planet." :) He was telling us rather excitedly about what his planet is like how there are spaceships, and super powers. I asked him if he prayed and he showed me how they pray on "ironman planet." He went into your classic, meditation rafiki-esque pose and was silent. I wasn't sure where to go from there, but I thought, we can teach this boy. "Matthew," I said, "could we teach you we pray on the planet that we're from? Can we show you how we talk to God, and get spiritual powers from him?" Matthew was so excited, and even though he had outbursts every now and then, we taught him how to pray. :) It was one of the most fulfilling lessons of my mission.

.1 Nephi 4:6.
We taught Andrea this week and as we asked about her Book of Mormon reading she said, "I felt something while I read this verse. I felt like God was giving me direction." I shared with her how this verse had been best friend's grad school motto. (Thanks Daniela!) 
"And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do. Nevertheless I went forth..." (1 Nephi 4:6-7) We also shared with her a video from MormonChannel about feeling the Spirit. So wonderful!

.Finding RB.
Yesterday we made a huge discovery! We found that there were several people on our ward list living in our area that had been mis-color coded on previous' missionaries maps, and therefore we hadn't tried to visit them. We tried to find a particular man named "Kent." When we came to where Kent lived, we knocked on the door and a shirt-less man answered, "Oh hi sisters! Oh, let me put on a shirt. I don't think the Lord would want me to talk to you like this." When he came back we spoke with him so normally. We assumed that he was Kent, when we addressed him as Kent however he said. "I'm not Kent. I'm Richard. I've been trying to figure out who Kent is?" Turns out this man was a lost sheep! A man who's name was on the ward-list but without an address, and he was found by looking for another man who apparently no-longer lived at the location Richard was currently living. Amazing. I have no doubt that we were led at precisely the right time to find this great man.

The spirit is so real. I love seeing it guide us everyday as a companionship. I love how I've grown in being able to recognize its voice. I am so sad to see Sis Muñoz go! We will miss her dearly in our trio, but I am excited that I still get to have one more companion! Una mas! :) That will bring my total to 12. 12 compañeras. The more the merrier no?

Te amos!
Love Sis Flores.

Lake Charles has these alligators dotted all through out the city and painted in different ways. We found a boy scout alligator painted with Merit Badges! ohhhh yeahhhh. 


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