Sunday, April 13, 2014

last weekend.

Last weekend(ish) I found myself on a plane with my Mom, brothers, and Daniela (mejor amiga) bound for Salt Lake City, UT. I spent most of my time by Gate #17 in LAX doing 7th grade math homework and spent half of my plane ride explaining how to graph a linear equation. I don't even want to know how many times that plane ride I said the words, "y=mx + b."

We went up for general conference to hear the words of modern day prophets and apostles. There is nothing like being in the conference center surrounded by thousands of people who are united in faith, anxious to hear the word of God.


The weekend was jam-packed with family functions, and hadn't been that busy in a long time. The early mornings and late nights combined with spiritually draining days reminded me very much of the mission. I was so bummed that I was overbooked with family functions and didn't have the time to see any kind of mission/byu friends. Sorry again to those who called/texted to hang out. Soon I will return to Provo again, soon!

1. I can't even tell you HOW many times on my mission I would dream about these fried greens beans from PF changs. So much so, that they didn't quite live up to their daydream counterparts/ cousin Natalia holding up her sign for tickets.
2. My Tia Maria & I (she's currently on the RS general board)/ sandwiches from The Soup Kitchen guys, it's SO GOOD.
3. Spontaneous mission reunions!
4. Alberta, Daniela & I held up matching "help my sister out" signs/ pie pizzeria!
5. the breathtaking conference center
6. Sharing some laughs with Linda K. Burton at the relief society/yw/primary conference luncheon


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