Tuesday, April 1, 2014

reasons to celebrate.

I'll give you one REALLY good reason to celebrate with me...

I got into Law School.
BYU Law.

& That's not all.
I also got into BYU's MPA program!!!

4 more years = 2 really great degrees behind my name.

So maybe I'll be a slave to the textbooks these next four years, maybe my social life will suffer, maybe i'll have more sleepless nights. But, I have something to be proud of. & I figure it's fine to be a little bit braggy on this little corner of the internet universe that I get to call mine.

Along with much in my life, the decision came with suspense. Remember how I had a weird glitch in my Mission Papers that no one could explain, the same thing happened with my Law School App. It actually was turned in late... as in like sometime last week... YIKES! It kind of was out of my control & instead of being stressed about it, I thought, "I've been through this before." 

It was kind of a tender mercy that the application was turned in late. Had it not been turned in late I would have been accepted while I was still serving a mission. Because it was turned in late, I was able to be home to have a skype "get-to-know-you/congratulations" interview with the dean of admissions. & she was also able to personally tell me how impressed they were with my application and that she would pass my name on to professors. Okay, no more being braggy. :]

this feeling.
so good.

Sometimes we have little things to try our faith, but in the end, it all works out the way that it needs to.

To celebrate my Mom & I went out to see the Cesar Chavez movie (SO GOOD! & I'm not just saying that because I'm Mexican) :] I also may or may not be having this song playing on repeat.

& this image conveys EXACTLY how I feel.


Li-Sha said...

brag away, lauren! that is awesome! congrats on law school and getting into the program!

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