Friday, June 20, 2014

first timers.

Yesterday was just really amazing.
I can't remember if I made mention of this yet, but while I was on the mission a wonderful miracle occurred and one of my friends from high school got baptized.
My sweet Tia wrote an article about it for church news.

While I couldn't be there for her Baptism, (I was kind of far away serving in Baytown at the time) I was so blessed to be able to be there for her first time going in the temple.
It was kind of the greatest thing ever.

& as if going to the temple with friend who joined the church wasn't enough of happiness boost, the occasion also was a mission reunion of sorts.
Morgan,one of my zone leaders in Pasadena (possibly my favorite district ever!),came too!
I can't even describe how great it was.

I love when two worlds collide.
There were special feelings in my heart yesterday.
I had nostalgia overload as mission memories, high school memories, and youth temple trip memories flooded my mind.
I highly recommend all of it.

this day.
one for the journals.


Rachel said...

you're glowing!

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