Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I may not be in Kindergarten anymore...

but, I still give my Mom my scribble scrabbles as gifts.
As soon as I got home, my Mom asked if I would make a sign for her, she brought me home a thin piece of wood, showed me the little phrase she wanted painted on Pinterest, and I rather slowly (sorry Mom!) got to work.

We're trying to implement some more positive speaking in the Flores residence. It's kind of become our new favorite thing when someone says something kind of tongue-and-cheek to ask one of the questions above. For some reason, "Was that necessary?" has become our favorite. I really do try to remember to use the others, but necessary just has more of a punch to it, you know?

One thing that I love about the sign above—it's flawed.

When I was in third grade (okay, so I really can't remember the grade, but fifth always seems to be my go to choice, so I decided to be bold and go with third) I was really into the Box Car children book series. The books follow these children who make an abandoned Box Car their home, but then they discover they have a wealthy grandfather and they go on all sorts of great adventures.

Anyways, so there was this one book, book #37, where they visit a Navajo village and they learn all about Navajo rugs. In the book one of the women tells the children that the Navajo's purposefully make mistakes into the tapestries. I can't even remember why they intentionally made mistakes, but I've just kind of adopted the practice. I like when things look flawed, "real" so to speak. I like when you can tell a human's made something. I also now am kind of really curious to revisit the Box Car children series.


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