Wednesday, October 8, 2014

gencon October 2014.

My family is my everything. I've shared our conference traditions before—a weekend long food fest! I missed our conference celebrations more than any holiday gathering with my family while on the mission. I love these reunions so much; I couldn't bring myself to ditch out on our PF Chang's dinner to go to my mission reunion. (maybe next time?)

The Falabella side of the table.
The "kiddie" table. 
Our family always gets THEE weirdest fortunes. My Uncle Job has the longest streak for fortunes that aren't fortunes. A waitress heard me commenting on how horrible our fortunes were, and brought me an additional three cookies. Thank You, kind waitress!

We Quesadas are big fans of Hawaiian pizza. BIG fans.
Uncles can take selfies too!
Siblings, my Uncle Eddie flew into town for a dear family friend's funeral. It was the first time these four siblings had been together in a while.

Since 2008 (minus my mission) I have been blessed to attend EVERY session of general conference at the conference center. How? In a variety of ways really. It just happens. This Sunday evening I thought I wasn't going to make it into the conference center... I had been volunteering with BYU Law to be an informal translator for a delegate from Peru. As I was walking back from a luncheon at the Marriott hotel, I called my mom only to find that she had forgotten that I needed a ticket and had gone into the conference center without me! 

I thought to myself, "self, you've been to every session of conference for a while, It might be cool to watch it somewhere else..." So I went with that mindset and asked where on temple square I could watch conference. Just as I had figured out what I was going to do, a couple walked up to the volunteer I had just spoken to telling him they had an extra ticket, and if he would be willing to give it to someone who needed it. The volunteer informed the couple that he couldn't, so I turned around and said I could take it! 

My attending conference streak continues! :) & maybe I was late and didn't get to sit in my designated area. Maybe I sat in the balcony level on the very last row, and maybe I was all by myself, but I made friends! I was surrounded my mi gente (Mexicanos) and it was a beautiful thing to see my newfound friends from Sonora take off their headphones to listen to Elder Martinez's message. The whole thing was just a tender mercy.

& I'm already really looking forward to next conference!

p.s. a note to self.
next conference order 2 Hawaiian pizzas, and 1 meat lover. (largest size)
^^We always say we're going to remember what to order and we NEVER do. Hence, the need for a note. :] 


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