Sunday, October 26, 2014

Soy Chicana. vol 2.

Sometimes I'm Mexican, in a "yeah, my family's from Mexico and my last name is Flores" kind of way. Then there's other times (like this week) where it's like, "YEAH!!! I'M MEXICAN! VIVA LA RAZA! SI SE PUEDE! ESTE ES MI GENTE!!!! YOU MEAN, MexiCAN!" kind of way.

The second statement is more like the times when my cultural identity consumes me, when I just want to blast merengue in my car and let all of Provo know that I'm proud to be Latina.

 There are times that I think, "sure, I guess my culture is a big deal to me...?"
& then I look at my dresser and think
seriously, Lauren
who are you trying to kid?
Your culture is everything to you!
& it is, it influences every part of my life.

like my Pinterest boards:

or the blanket I'm covering myself with as I blog:
This week was particularly a "let's be super Mexican week."

Monday: I finally got around to listening to Latino USA, a podcast I had stumbled upon in my NPR app and had been meaning to listen to. Every week a new podcast is released with one main topic covered in so many different facets. Case in point: This week's episode was about Islands with stories ranging from the Island of Hispañola, to organic produce in Cuba, and (my personal favorite) Latinos in Hawaii! (random fact, latinos are the fastest growing population in Hawaii!) Bad idea on my part, because now I'm obsessed! Obsessed beyond measure. I listen to the podcast in the car, at the gym, walking around campus. Who needs music when you can listen to Latino USA? (kidding. kind of)

Tuesday: I got an email bright and early in the morning from a law professor inviting me to a luncheon with the Utah County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. A luncheon with successful latinos and those who love the cause? Sign me up! There's nothing quite like motivational immigrant fueled stories to help me feel like I'm on cloud nine for the day. & the enchiladas, beans, and rice served at the luncheon also won my tummy over.

Friday: I got a text from Andrew, a friend from the mission, asking if I'd go with him to The Museum of Mormon Mexican History. We went, & I definitely ran into my extended family in the museum. ¡Tipico! & then went out for Mexican food at this little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant and reminisced for hours about the areas we served in, the people we loved, the ridiculous times had on the mission, and life lived in general.

Went and saw this movie
with my Primo, his wife, and Raquel (my law school prima). If you haven't seen it GO NOW! (Or tomorrow since, technically it's the Sabbath today) It was SO good. I died of laughter and it filled me with even more orgullo for my culture! I especially died of laughter at a line in the movie that says, "everyone knows that México is the center of the universe!' true. statement.

Raquel & I definitely blasted the Oro Solido Pandora radio station in my car on the drive back to Provo. & especially cranked it up when this song came on.  check out those moves in the music video tho...I need to learn them) Sorry to the freshman living in Helaman Halls who had to deal with the latin music drifting their way & to the couple driving in the SUV who saw our stationary merengue moves while waiting for the red light... Actually, not sorry about that last part.

Sunday:I wore my huipil (or at least the top part of it to church today) and as I was walking home with Tiana (roommate) a guy who I didn't know at the time, shouted at me "YOU HAVE A wih-pil!" I was confused because I had no idea what he was talking about, and then I put it through my Spanish ear filters and thought, "Lauren, you idiot! He's talking about your huipil (pronounced wee-peel)!" I went up to the guy, who introduced himself as a Ryan and asked, "did you serve in Guatemala?" of course he did. classic. He was kind of really excited about my dress, and now having served a mission I can totally relate.

& finally that brings me to the last thing, my car. Carlos the Camry.
Carlos is muy orgulloso de ser Mexicano too.


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