Monday, December 1, 2014


This is Ivette (formerly known as Hna Morales).

She was my companion when I first got to Baytown. I was her second companion ever.

(Us at the Houston temple)
(With one of our favorite families—The Hernandez)
Ivette & I were only companions for a transfer, but in those six weeks we formed such a close bond!
One of my most cherished memories about being companions with Ivette is that some mornings I'd walk to my study desk and find my study notebook looking like this
She also hid notes in my Preach My Gospel, my planners, my scriptures—anywhere really. I found them throughout the rest of my mission and even after I had come home! I wouldn't be surprised if I found one tucked away somewhere five years from now. I loved them so much; I collected them and put them in this envelope. 
I re-discovered the envelope when I was cleaning out my mission boxes at home and laughed while I read some of them. At the time we had made a commitment to use "dignified language" meaning we couldn't use any form of slang words, so I would find post-it notes that said I was the "bees knees!"
She's the cutest!

Ivette came home this past week, and while I didn't make it to the airport, we did go to the temple on Saturday & out to breakfast. 
Ivette was also a fan of selfies—and still is
exhibit A.
(post temple & post homecoming)
I'm so glad my Chiquitita is home! :)
& I'm beyond grateful that Heavenly Father saw it fit in his infinite plan to make us companions.
Latinas de Baytown for life!


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