Saturday, December 27, 2014

Las Posadas

With intense law school finals going on I didn't have much time to plan all that I wanted to do while home for Christmas break, but between text message conversations with my mejor amiga and listening to episodes of LatinoUSA, I knew some part of my break would have to qualify as "super mexican." 

Daniela and I use the phrase, "let's be super Mexican" when we want to do something that puts us in touch with our Latino roots. This time around we both agreed that going to Placita Olvera for Las Posadas would be perfect. 

Las Posadas,  posadas in Spanish means "lodging", is a Mexican tradition where neighborhood families get together for a series of nine nights and reenact Mary & Joseph's seeking shelter in an inn. At Placita Olvera the procession is reenacted with the different shops serving as homes. It was something special to be gathered with a group of people with mariachi helping us to sing the familiar tunes of Las Posadas. It's a tradition I want to try and continue.

I love my culture and all its beautiful traditions.

^^A churro sundae! How delicious does that look? I had a churro stuffed with lechera that was too good for words.
You know your mejor amiga is part of the family when she takes a bite out of your mom's tamale de elote.
^^This nativity scene in the middle of the plaza made me feel like I was in Mexico again!
^^Daniela was searching for the perfect gift for her nephews. She tried a grab bag, but was disappointed with its contents. Instead, she went with cascarones, eggs filled with confetti. I think her nephews hit the jackpot.
^^They served free pan dulce & champurado after the reenactment!


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