Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas 2014.

So, we Flores are kind of different in that Christmas day—not a big deal for us. The magic really happens on Christmas Eve or Nochebuena. It seems to have always been that way, and I'm really just fine with that. We have the missionaries over and Bro Miller (who my father home taught for years) and we open presents on Christmas Eve night. Christmas kind of ends up being just like any normal day...

This Christmas, my Uncle Jr invited us over to his house for dinner. My Aunt Tricia is German, as in her parents are really from Germany, and she was going to make German food for Christmas dinner. We sandwiched our visit with trips to the cinema. In the morning we saw Into the Woods (Unbroken for the boys) and then at night saw The Imitation Game (I highly recommend it!). 
^^Our delicious German Christmas dinner. Roast beef (that had been marinated for THREE DAYS!), red cabbage, gravy, & some kind of special noodles. I wish I knew the names of all these dishes, but sadly I've got no ounce of German blood in me.
^^We took advantage of the occasion and took family photos. Most likely the last family photos before my brother Devin leaves on his mission to Chile!
^^ Cousins Jesse & Sammy decided to become part of the family too.
^^My new favorite photo of my parents.
^^We played monopoly after dinner. It got REAL. There were alliances forming and my dad was bringing in major inflation to the game. Uncle Job had to restore order by reading the instructions to us.

The day after Christmas, we took a family trip to the visitor's center at the Los Angeles Temple to see the lights and hear the music from the nightly Christmas program. It was a nice way to bid farewell to the Christmas season.
^^A México inspired Christmas tree at the visitor center.
^^We kind of fell in love with taking our pictures facing this way instead of in front of the Cristus. 
^^It's just real nice to see palm trees decorated with Christmas lights. Real nice. 


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