Sunday, October 11, 2015

General Conference Oct. 2015

I can't believe that just last week was General Conference. It feels as though more time has passed than just a week's worth. General Conference was a little bit of a different experience for me this time around. Due to an injury, my Uncle, my Mom, and brother didn't come up for their semi-annual conference trip. We lovingly referred to them as the California delegation all weekend long. 

Things just felt different without them. 
Our traditions were different.

On Friday night instead of going to PF Changs for family dinner, we went to a Chinese Buffet. Let me tell you, a Chinese Buffet is NOT the same as PF Changs. For one thing, there were latinos cooking the food, there were children running around everywhere, there was food being warmed by lamps, and there was tapatío. 

For the first time since 2008 (excluding my mission) I didn't go to every session of conference in the conference center! But, change is good and it was refreshing to have a different conference experience. I attended the first session of conference in the tabernacle with my friend Kelly, and was warmed by the thought that I was watching conference where my grandpa Quesada had watched general conference. Also, because I was watching conference in the tabernacle I was able to run into Sis. Takeshige!!!!! :)

Instead of our usual Post Priesthood Pie Pizza Party at the hotel, we had a Papa Murphy's Party at my Prima's house. I did attend one session of conference, the last one! If anything, this conference taught me that even though the traditions were just a little different, conference was still wonderful. Three new apostles...I'm so happy Elder Rasband was called to be one of the new apostles (I had a really neat experience meeting him on mission that you can read here). I'm so glad that I was still able be surrounded by family over the weekend and hear wonderful, inspiring messages.


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