Thursday, October 1, 2015

September to Remember

I was extremely bad at posting this month! & this unfortunately will be a month-dump post. 

Looking back on it, September was really good to me.
I started a new grad-school program that I love (I have to post about that!)
I switched rooms in my apartment and am now rooming with Angela. 
& I've had so many wonderful new people come into my life!

While looking back on my month I realized literally all of my social interactions this month have been with people in my ward (church congregation). 
I love this fact!
I mean, if I was back home, honestly I'd mostly be spending time with those in my YSA ward. 
Plus, you already know I have especially tender feelings about the 97th ward. :)

September went a little something like this.

Since we now meet at 12:40, the first Sunday of the new semester we had a little Relief Society 2 breakfast.  (technically this happened in August, but I do what I want!)
There were no FHE co-chairs called at the beginning of the semester, so Ryan J. and I got asked to organize an FHE for the whole ward. The result: a pillow fight where you had to crack eggs duct tapped to someone's body—Ryan's idea.
Afterwards, Bishop treated us to BYU Creamery ice cream.
Ryan J. was released as Elders Quorum President (men's leader) and Ryan W. was called. Somehow, Ryan is a name that follows me around in church-related things. We had a combined Elders Quorum/RS pizza party at La Casa de Oro (Gold House).
One Sunday afternoon, Cory stopped by our apartment and asked if he could take us on a ride. The car was super sweet, but we also only made it 3 blocks before it completely died on us. Better luck next time?
I used my LexisNexis points (a legal search engine) to purchase an ice cream maker and we've been putting it to REAL good use. We try and host ice cream soirees mixed with games every Sunday.
I became a #foundingfriend and started this little thing called, "crafternoons" with some of my closest amigas. Our goal is to do two craft days a month and instead of D-I-Y, we're calling it D-I-O (Do-It-Ourselves). We decorated plates as our first craft one Saturday. So grateful I have friends who share my Pinterest obsession.
My creation. So I know "Y-mount" doesn't look quite like that, but I just felt like putting a "Y" on my mountain!
Alyssa and I both wore our vintage red dresses to church one Sunday. :)
Angela & I took a roommate temple trip, we had to take a picture facing away from the temple because I'm pretty sure we would have had the most horrible squinty faces had we been facing the other way.
Went on a Saturday morning hike up slate canyon. Angela had given Cory a "hiking" coupon for his birthday and we appropriately redeemed it on his half-birthday.
Sunday breakfasts are now a combined EQ/RS every last Sunday of the month tradition!
We had a ward activity where the owner of taste in Provo came to have us experience the art of fine chocolate, olive oil, and vinegar tasting. He would have us rub the chocolate so we could smell the flavors, and as a result our thumbs turned brown!
Other memories from September
+ Had a Mexican Independence Day celebratory lunch with Ryan J. @ El Gallo Giro
+Got a new FHE group, but we have no parents sooo....#oprhanz
+ ran 44.6 miles (the whole month) this is a huge accomplishment for a girl who HATES running. 


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your ward is terribly fun. maybe i should move there!

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