Monday, February 29, 2016

february update.

One of these days, I'll get around to writing/putting together more than just a smorgasbord of pictures and a couple of sentences. Here's hoping that moment comes sometime this month!!! The biggest adventure of February was definitely my trip home for president's day/valentines. I can't wrap my head around the fact that that took place this month. These pictures are mostly iphone memories—snapshots of my life in February 2016!
Kelly was on a (sort-of) ward soccer team, and so we made signs and supported her. I don't normally wear skirts to soccer games, but I do when I've just gotten out of the temple! <below>
^^Alyssa & Megan helped me do initiatories for a slew of family names I found over Christmas break!

39. International Cinema
^^Crossed another bucket list item off! Alyssa and I met up with one of her friends to watch, "Copenhagen Dreams,"—a beautiful film that pays homage to the architecture of Copenhagen.
^^New RS Presidency.^^

Hermana Morales got married!!! What a happy day. The sealing ceremony was so small and intimate, I absolutely loved it. It was also really fun to see some familiar mission faces. This was only the second sealing I've been to, and oh my goodness what an experience. The ceremony was performed in Spanish, and for some reason that little detail made it that much more real for me. 
^^Las Latinas de Baytown!
^^I had a particularly crazy week and Lys was kind enough to treat me & Russell to dinner. We established that we're her favorite Mexicans. (Also, Russell and I have matching star shirts [kind of] it's whatevr.)

& since we're on the subject of favorite Mexicans!...Katie & I solidified our status as, "mejores amigas" to TC. We've got him hooked on Jane the Virgin (though he'll probably tell you otherwise). It was TC's birthday on Saturday and so we celebrated like any good Mexican friends would, with tacos from Don Joaquin's and Mexican treats from Fruta Crush in downtown provo. 

It's been real Febrero!


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