Thursday, February 4, 2016

no money + no time = no problem! (January update)

I feel so spread thin this semester. Every hour of every days is planned. Taking 17.5 credits +working+ serving as Relief Society President will do that to you. Thank goodness I got a cute planner for Christmas to keep it all together! 

Towards the end of last year, I felt very impressed to cutback on some of my spending ways. I decided I wasn't going to eat out without a good reason and I wasn't going to spend money on outings (minus one—more on that later). As a result, any "fast food" or "social gathering" has come as a result of my ward.

I know.
I know.

I gush about my ward all the time here! I'm sorry, but not really. 

#32 Walk on Frozen Utah Lake
I crossed off a bucketlist item with some of my FAVORITE girls in the world. We went early one Saturday morning to Utah lake, took a nice little walk and slowly made our way onto the ice. I'm not going to lie, it was a bit terrifying at first especially in some of the slushier spots, but it was so peaceful out there and there's something inherently cool about saying you're walking on a lake. 
I got a new second counselor in Relief Society! Nicole is one of the most Christlike people I've met, I've never heard her say a harsh word about anyone, and she is the first to suggest we reach out to someone. I'm grateful for her example in my life.
^^(left) Since it's FREEZING cold outside, we have ward prayer at Sunflower Down, and there's always a plethora of shoes there. (Right) United with Kyra after Christmas break 

As a "kick-off/new semester/welcome to the ward" activity, we had an Amazing-race type activity. We broke off into cars and drove around the streets of Provo completing certain tasks like...
^^Human pyramid picture
^^Picture on the slides
^^Buy a can of food for a food drive
^^Pet a cat
^^Hug a mannequin 
^^Get random strangers signature's and take a picture with them.
^^Same as above. (This is Kuki and she makes my eyebrows look real nice!)
One Friday, Meghan, Kyra, and I tried to go to the Salt Lake temple only to find that it was closed! So, we had some dinner at Red Iguana and then tried the Oquirrh Mountain temple only to discover it was closed too! Thankfully, we made it to the last session at the Jordan River temple AND Sis Wixom (General Primary President) was in our session.
We had a ward service auction. Where ward members offered their talents and random acts of service which people could then bid on using cans we were going to donate for the local food bank. Bishop took things into his own hands and started auctioning off people on dates! We were able to donate almost 100 lbs of food!
Alyssa, Kelly, Kyra, and I got to be ushers at the Provo City Center Temple Open house! I was put in charge of giving people little booties for their shoes in the Spanish-speaking tour. :)
This month was also T.Betti's birthday! To celebrate, we had Navajo tacos for dinner on Sunday and invited our old legends friends. Navajo tacos are such comfort food for me! I love it.
Native Section girls.
I'm also trying to get used to living in this.


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