Saturday, March 19, 2016

50s Party

Remember how my ward had the classiest 20s party you could possibly imagine? Well, we're keeping up with the decades theme. This Monday, our ward had a 50s party at the home of one of our Bishop's friends. I joked with Bishop that we should just keep the theme going and celebrate a different decade at everyone of his friends' homes!
^^diner themed food + checkerboard tile to match!
^^YO! Those were the most legit fake cigarettes I have ever seen. They lit up and had little sparkles that made it look like ashes were falling off. 
^^Just your classic 50s middle class couple.
^^The Danny to our Zuko. Squad goals yo!
^^Maybe felt a little bit like we were at Chuck E' Cheese for a little bit.
^^This family really loves basketball apparently...
^^Because a 50s party wouldn't be the same without a screening of grease. Um, did I ever tell you have my bff Jeniffer (promise that's how you spell her name) called me 'Cha-Cha' in high school?
^^Sarah headed up the efforts to bring this magical creation together.
^^This fire pit had some serious Uncle Job vibes! 
^^Bro & Sis Swartz.
^^Sis. Cardullo. <heart eye emoji> + ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥. LOVE THIS WOMAN! No one keeps it quite as real as her. If I ever need a good laugh or pep talk about life, I know I can count on her!

so like, next decade??


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