Saturday, August 15, 2015

A lawn party.

When I first got back from Argentina, I met with my bishop to figure out this whole Relief Society President thing. One thing he asked me to do was to do more things and become unified with the Elders Quorum (Men's organization). So, we came together and planned rad activities. One of my counselors, Marisa, suggested that we have a lawn party: croquet tournament, fancy finger foods, the works! We fell in love with the idea and things just came magically together. We secured a snazzy location and asked everyone to come dressed in Gatsby-era clothing. Because of the timing of it all, our activity ended up becoming a ward activity and it was absolutely magical!

Kneaders catered the event! Is this not just a dreamy setting?
Don't worry, there was a pet deer just strolling around the premises.
The party took place at the home of Michael Coleman—a renowned artist who happens to be a good friend of our bishop. His art studio looks like a museum! It was amazing (as will be evidenced by the following pictures)!!!! I think it would be the perfect place to throw a Night at the Museum party or a fancy murder mystery!
^^& then a series of classy library pictures took place...
^^Bishop put on quite the runway show with this coat.
^^The greatest Bishop we could ask for.
^^Marisa—the brains behind this wonderful party!
photo taken by Chase Lewis.

The activity was a HUGE success. 
& I'm hoping that the quality of activities we have only goes up from here.
& it felt like the beginning of an extended goodbye to a wonderful spring/summer!


Li-Sha said...

Shut up! A pet deer!? I want to go to one of your parties one day.

stevenjared0853 said...

Oh my god! This place looks heaven! Wonderful pictures! My husband and I have booked one of the prettiest Chicago event venues for our 10th wedding anniversary. I loved this place and so I booked something like this only. Let’s see if I could just make it a themed party.

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