Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 2016

This year will most likely comprise of a collection of monthly posts... I've accepted this, and in fact I kind of like it. Monthly reflections cause me to say to myself, "oh! This was a good one, wasn't it?"
^^above two photos: My family had a St. Patrick's day celebration. Emma is of Irish ancestry, and so she and Ammon fixed for us a traditional meal of 'full Irish breakfast.'
^^This month was the dedication of the Provo City Center Temple—the 150th operating temple! I had the sacred experience of working as a temple usher on dedication Sunday. I had a fancy nametag with a colored star explaining my post. My job was to count people as they entered into the temple so that they could then be ushered into the various rooms within the temple walls for the dedication. Afterwards, we had the chance to watch the dedication in the lower level of the temple.

We hosted a birthday party for Erin at our apartment. It was a complete surprise for her. You can imagine how much of a good time we had as the apartment was packed to the brim with Latinos, Natives, and Polynesians. My people!

March also marks Miriam's birthday. Miriam specifically requested Panda Express so we enjoyed a delicious meal. I can't believe Miriam is officially a teenager?!?!? Unreal.

March is also Powwow and I just so happen to be living with royalty. :) Tiana is this year's Miss Indian BYU so on Powwow Friday I went with TC and Kevin to show support! I love native culture and always have such strong spiritual feelings at Powwows. 

I seriously went to Salt Lake every weekend this month! I attended Women's Conference (thanks for the prime seating Tía!) and spent the night to enjoy Easter Sunday with my family. I attended the Spanish ward with my family and got really excited to go home and attend the Spanish ward with my family. 
^^My cousin Magos was quizzing my younger cousins on the names of the 12 apostles.
^^We were treated to a memorized recitation of The Living Christ.
^^Um. I NEED these socks.
^^You know you're Mexican when...You have the Aztec calendar chilling in your garden.


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