Sunday, March 21, 2010

i dream of juicy.

Obsession. juicy couture charm bracelet. Actually, I love all things juicy with the exception of those florescent colored sweatsuits. (gross much?) I'm also obsessed with charm bracelets AND when I found out juicy made some, well I had to get one. Here I am 3 years and 4 charms later. The Juicy website is still my forbidden fruit and I may or may not stalk the website in search for the perfect charm that also has the perfect price attached to it. ALSO, Juicy recently came out with a silver version of my charm bracelet, Christmas needs to come sooner. :] If you're ever feel the need to surprise me, some new charms would be lovely.

uno. bracelet.
dos. the clam aka my favorite charm up to date
tres. the holiday charms.


Li-Sha said...

hahaha lauren, i totally agree with you about the sweat suits! disgusting!!

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