Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am a pizza.

Tonight was the first night of Lu'au it was amazing but also tre tre stressful.
literally had nothing to eat today. Came home starving and wanting PIZZA!
Called Pizza hut: hour and a half wait.
Brick Oven: too expensive
Dominos: (first time) online coupon was only available if you ordered online (whaaaaaat?)
Dominos: (second time) HEAVEN!!!!!p.s. Ignore my face paint it's for the
samoa section of Luau.
pictures of that to come tomorrow.

(we got to track our order online & sure enough, Rob came to save the day!)

All of my



Audrey said...

OH my gosh have you had their veggie pizza with chicken?? its amazing.... you should try it.

P.S. you are a Lauren, not a pizza.

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