Thursday, April 15, 2010

reasons to be happy

I collect words. It's a passion of mine, really.

case in point: my calendar.
I like to think of it as the little piece of sunshine to my day.
I've had a calendar like this before, each day, I get a list of witty phrases giving me reasons to smile each day.

I've kind of fallen behind in pulling the days away.
A month behind to be exact.
somewhere in-between work, writing for the newspaper, rushing to class, and interviews, my calendar became forgotten.

I write down my favorite phrases into my Happy Book Vol. II.
Maybe one day you'll have the pleasure of meeting Vol. I or get a peek at Vol. II but for now:

APRIL 15th reasons to be happy:
1. a music room
2. cottage cheese
3. effortlessness
4. caribbean schooners
5. "early bird" specials
6. books of nostalgia
7. miniature desserts
8. secret gardens
9. Connecticut antiquing
10. flattering makeup

things to be happy about.

Vol. II list

month's worth


whimsy said...

hello there! thanks for your sweet comment~ i was happy to find your blog! you are darling, as is your blog! i love it, and i love your happy listS! especially, books of nostalgia. im such a sucker for them

kelly ann said...

your penmanship is flawless!
happy lists are the best. :)

Bree said...

I pretty much love everything on your list..especially miniature desserts..yummmy

7upkels said...

this was inspiring and your handwriting is so cute! haha. love your blog :)

Iva said...

OMG!!! your handwriting is totally impeccable!!

Anna said...

haha I DEFINITELY get carried away with the photo editing sometimes :)
I love these happy lists! sometimes I write down lists of good and bad things that happened in my day so I don't feel like time is flying by for nothing. But I too have gotten too busy with "life" and am neglecting my poor journal.

Becca said...

Love the positivity! And your handwriting looks identical to my favorite (and only...but I promise she's be my favorite if I had more than one) sister's. Very cute.

Amanda* said...

This is so touching! But what is very great is your handwriting!

Kora Bruce [Dixie Lust] said...

such a cute blog

and such an flawless handwriting!
Im absolutely jealous of it.

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