Saturday, April 10, 2010

This is what you give me to work with.

I work at the Creamery Outlet which just so happens to be the place they make BYU ice cream.
Freshman 15 whaaa? [It never ends]
here and there I get to sample new flavors.
Like Raspberry Cream Cheese! eeek. Just came out trryyyy it.
My heart remains faithful however to graham canyon. ♥

All of my

p.s. what's your favvv. flavor?


Anonymous said...

i couldn't be MORE jealous of your job. i am in love with ice cream like you wouldn't believe! mmmm!!

lauren carney said...

zomg they look so extravagant and delicious!
i want to eat them all.
by the tub full!

April said...

Freshman 15 has become the Freshman 40. I actually somehow lost weight in college (I guess the free gym?). If I worked at this ice cream place though... it would be a different story! mmm... ice cream is my favorite food.

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