Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fernwood 201.


I realized today, that I have yet to introduce you all to my lovely new roommates!
How rude of me, pardons please.
It's only been a month, but it's been a month of pure bliss.
They are all like sisters to me, 3 out of the 4 of us are in the same major which makes studying quite convenient. We were all in the same ward last year at the lib.
AND a treat for you, they're all blogging superstars!

4944563136_2e24fe8634_o Jenny

- I met Jenny freshman year, we lived in the
same hall! Taylor 1200 (shoutout)

- Not a print journalism major, but we still love

- She loves cooking almost as much as I do.

- She kind of likes playing matchmaker with our
apartment and she makes us laugh because of

- She is kind of obsessed with cookbooks currently if
you're looking for a CPK or Thai food cookbook,
she's your girl.

- Honestly, one of the sweetest souls you'll ever

find her blog here.



- I didn't meet Tiff till winter semester last year and, I met her in a newsreporting class only to learn that she was in my ward and lived only one floor below. awful, I know.

- She's from Idaho Falls & she's a BYU-I transfer student (we're kind of glad she made the change)

- loves singinginginginging.

- Has some of the most hilarious date stories, she's kind of been through it all.

- We're coworkers over at the Daily Universe

- She's a year older and thus obviously imparts wisdom on important matters.

find her blog here.


- I first met Darrian spring of freshman year in a
deadly pre-comms major class.

- She drives a red convertable that's sweet as.

- She's kind of addicted to diet coke, as in runs to
McDonalds just to get replenish her supply.

- She sometimes has little ranting minutes that I find

- constantly making up new slannng.

- similar taste in style with the exception that our
magazine preferences are diff. (her: Lucky,
me: Elle)

- We have fun making fun of blogs that just overdo

visit her blog here.

I don't think I could have asked for a better set of girls to live with.

All of my ,


Anonymous said...

this post is wonderful lauren! I am so happy to be living with all of you too! However, I also feel like I haven't seen you all week... let's change this? Love you roommate!

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