Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to Provo.

I've been in this weird transition mode.
I'm now back at BYU starting my JUNIOR year of college! eeeeee!
I had kind of a rollercoaster week with starting a new job, going to class, accidentally missing a class, buying books, being disappointed,moving in, NEW ROOMIES!..etc.But that's life & it's a learning process.

My Mom and little brother Ezra -- who shall from now on be known by his nickname -- Dudie [pronounced Dude-ee], decided to take a mini vacation to Utah so we could see extended family and so they could drop me off!
We visited family, friends who have become family, had a birthday party for Dudie (9), and visited Temple Square.

It was an adventure.



pool party


Emma window

Ezra's birthday


jay at temple square

All of my ,


Angela said...

lauren, what kind of camera do you use? These are really great pictures!

Lauren said...

I use a Rebel T1i. & I love it.
I'm a canon kind of girl.

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