Monday, February 14, 2011

Everybody's gonna love today ♥.

Happy V-day!
It's like the world gets just a bit lovelier on this day.
There were chalk drawings on the sidewalk & hearts on so many windows as I headed to school.
& the weather, the weather was so great, the sunshine was like Provo's valentine day gift
to me.
Our apartment threw another lovely little party on Friday.
It was probably the most packed party we've ever had, we had a live band, random people stop by, a cupid contest & a kissing booth made by yours truly. ♥
sad day though — I didn't get one picture in it. :[

Our apartment kind of really loves throwing parties, St. Patty's day can't come soon enough.

p.s. thanks so much to all of you who have been showing me blog love both online & in person, it means the world to me.

All of my ♥,


Li-Sha said...

i am jealous of you and your apartment's mad decorating skills. seriously.

-Kate- said...

Lauren! You guys are too cute!!! Looked fun!!!

Audrey said...


Chelsey Hancock said...

your new blog header is so cute! also, love the hanging heart decorations :)

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