Saturday, February 19, 2011

I can't even believe that...

Mi hermano Devin J. turns 16 today!
I wish I were at home to celebrate especially with this being a three-day weekend & all.
My brother's going through his "cool" phase right now.
& I call him out on it all the time — I feel like it's part of my big sister duties.

But he deff has a ton of swaggggg.
Devin is always there for me no matter what & it's his unmatchable kindness that has helped shape me into who I am today.
He's one of the most humble people I know & he keeps me grounded.

Happy Birthday DJ!

All of my ,
Zsa Zsa


Suyinsays said...

awwww this is cute! happy birthday to your bro too - we're the same age actually!

Glenna (OFFICIALLY) Bartlett said...

I'm from Finally Something to Blog About. Thank you for the comment on my elephant necklaces!! I heart them =) You should do a post of your love for sea turtles.

p.s. I love this post about your brother! Tell him happy birthday from a stranger =) Haha.
I have 2 little brothers, one of which passed away 8 months ago =( Little brothers are so precious! And as their big sister, what is our role if not to tease and torment?? Haha. They will forever and always be "little ladies men" to me =) And even when they're old and married and a dad...I will still call my younger brother my little ladies man. Haha.

Sorry. That was WAY longer than I intended. Haha.

Autaven said...

Happy Birthday to your brother :) and thanks for the comment on my blog.
Just found yours so having a read, it's crazy pretty!

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