Friday, February 4, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen...

is so bueno & also happens to be today's feliz friday!
:] it's been only a week since I last went, but I still miss it.
I kind of like to be a rebel though; I almost never get pizza when I go there.
Barbecue chicken salad anyone? (with avocado)
My family actually has a tradition surrounding CPK.
Every time my mom drops me off in Utah before fall semester, we make sure to grab lunch at the CPK
in the gateway.
Next time you're there, make sure to try their cheesy artichoke dip,
iiiis thee beeeeest.

Feliz Friday ,


Brooke Self said...

Hey, I think that guy in the back with the mustache is in my ward. I don't know his name though!

emily rose said...

mmmm. just thinking about cpk makes my mouth water. have you ever been to the pie? it's in slc.

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