Monday, May 9, 2011

The City of Angels visits Citi Field.

I love baseball. I love the Dodgers. Naturally when the two come together in New York City, it's an event I can't miss. Last Friday I went to see the Dodgers take on the Mets at Citi Field. My brother has a goal on his bucket list to visit every MLB Stadium in the U.S. and our family has kind of adopted that goal. Every family vacation we plan must have a trip to a temple and a baseball stadium. You know where our priorities lie. Nothing says summer like baseball & I can't wait to go to a Yankee's game. & yes, the Dodgers lost (7-3), but it was still magical.

All of my


Mascara Addict =) said...

I agree! Nothing says summer like baseball games :) can't wait to hit up some Dodger games this year now that the Lakers are through (tear). I love your cardigan by the way :P

alex.talks.a.lot said...

i feel like your life is just way too cool!

Kristie said...

Haha it must be fun! I don't really watch sports though. Apart from some occasional college football.

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