Tuesday, December 27, 2011

noche buena 2011

9:30 am Masa purchased

10:41 am corn husks washed

10:53 am Papa reads an article about the Mexican Christmas tradition surrounding tamales

11:00 am Tamale lady foiled again!

11:31 am spreading of the masa

12:34 pm skype session with cousins in Utah

12:40 pm begin cooking pork tamales

1:30 pm chop dried pineapple for tamales de dulce

6ish pm Daniela & Carlos come over. eat pan dulce. show us their new iphones
6:30ish begin eating!

7pm & on Mexican story telling sesh & Daniela + Carlos score invites to Quesada family conference festivities! #winning


Maggie said...

We did the exact same thing! Long live mexican traditions! haha

lex said...

your blog is darling.
and i've always wanted to try tamales!! mmmm

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