Monday, December 5, 2011

Tierra Mia Coffee

Whenever break is just around the corner I get really excited because this usually means I get to go home and see my best friends from high school. Saturday after thanksgiving I drove my dad's Mazda 626 (she's a trooper!) and my happy self to South Gate for a meetup with Cindy and Misden at Tierra Mia Coffee.

Tierra Mia is kind of like Starbucks but the drinks are fused with traditional Mexican flavors. I'm a strictly no-coffee kind of girl so I had their Horchata cream. Basically starbucks will NEVER compare. It was like having an horchata smoothie. I finished the drink a little too quickly and was almost tempted to purchase another one! almost.

It's always an adventure driving my dad's car. I'm really hoping Santa gets him a new one this year! Also, my parking skills were WAAAAY off for some reason (probably because I haven't driven in months), let's just say I may have had someone film me on their iphone from the Jack in the Box across the way trying to get out of a tough spot. yeah, i don't want to talk about it. -______-


Maggie said...

That sounds delicious! I love your blog!

Li-Sha said...

your drink sounds delicious. i am a sucker for horchata anything. yum. and i love your outfit in the last picture!

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