Monday, July 29, 2013

I know I say this a lot but...

I don't ever want to leave Pecan Park. En Serio. & I'd really like to think that I'm staying this transfer as well. I really do feel like I could just stay here for the rest of my mission. There is so much I want do here. 

This week I went on two exchanges (Jacinto City & Broadway 1 South) so I didn't get to teach Ashley this week. But, she came to church! We were so excited. She's the best, she's currently in 1 Nephi 19, so she's almost to the Isaiah chapters. Our challenge now is to get Novio to church. Fasting & prayers appreciated. I wish y'all could sit in lessons with her. She's hungry to learn. Unfortunately, I also didn't get to sit with her in sacrament meeting #wardpianist. But, Hna Post filled me in with sacrament meeting commentary. Apparently, Ashley was really excited when a man was about to get the gift of the Holy Ghost. I'm sorry that I really don't have much details from her lessons, not being there kind of makes that happen. 

 An update on Byron. Byron is the teenager we found one day when Hna Post was leading. She stepped one foot away from Byron and another man, but decided we needed to turn around. Anyways, Byron moved! But, he moved to the same apartment complex that one of our solid members lives in. We went over to teach him Sunday evening, but come to find that there are no women living there, so we walked over to our member's apartment and asked kind of last minute if we could have a lesson there. We did and it helped immensely. I think Byron could definitely note the change in what a member's home feels like versus any other home. 

We read with Byron the introduction to the Book of Mormon. He understands how the Book of Mormon is proof of Joseph Smith's call as a prophet, and we committed him to read the testimonies of the witnesses, Joseph Smith's testimony, and the explanation of the LDM. We went over why the restoration is so crucial and showed him a picture of President Monson, and he said, "Hey! I know him!" Byron has visited temple square and apparently had also watched conference before. I think my favorite part of the lesson was when he was talking about temple square, and I pulled out a picture of the Salt Lake Temple. He said, "I loved walking around it, you know because I can't go in," and I said, "yet, you can't go in yet." He replied, "You're right, yet." After Byron left the appointment Hna M (our member) said, Hnas! I'm going to take him to mutual, and to the ward activity! I love when members catch the spirit of missionary work.

And for dessert, a little miracle story that's still in the developing stages. The Last Sunday of last transfer, Hna Post and I were trying to find a Less Active in our area. We seem to have luck finding Less Actives that missionaries haven't found/visited in years. This isn't a miracle less-active find, well sort of. Hna Post and I had a goal to teach 5 lessons that Sunday. We had taught 3 up to that point. Unfortunately, we didn't find the Less Active we were looking for, but as we were leaving the apartment complex I said, "Hna Post let's go talk to this man." We talked to said man who said his name was Nacor, he was a refugee from Colombia, and that his nuera, daughter-in-law, had a LDM but didn't go to church that often. His nuera however was going to be in Ecuador for a week or so. We left Nacor with our phone number, and pamphlets and told him to call us/we'd call him to schedule something with his Nuera. 

Yesterday at church, while I was speaking to some members E. Erickson said, "a baptism just walked in and I think she lives in y'alls area." E. Erickson was kind enough to take down contact information, and after getting the contact information I recognized the address as the place where we met Nacor. Unfortunately though, there was no apartment number, and the phone number went straight to voicemail. Later yesterday evening, I kept thinking, "I wonder if..." So I called the number we had for Nacor. I ended up speaking to his wife, and asked her what her nuera's name was. I realized that was kind of a random question to ask someone, so I explained myself. As Heavenly Father would have it, this woman who showed randomly up at church was the same woman we'd been trying to meet! We still haven't been able to meet with her, but we feel like there's a miracle here waiting to happen! In fact, part of it already has!

Amo la obra misional!
Hnita Flores

Kind of an inside joke. BUT, remember how I said I'm notorious for cleaning area books? Just giving U of H's AB a much needed cleanse... :]
Exchanges with the Jacinto City Hnas (aka my twin Hna Canova's trainees!) It was a blast! It was a little emotional though, there were little pieces of my trainer all over the place. I may or may not have stolen two post it notes with her handwriting on them. #sentimentalvalue


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