Monday, July 1, 2013


Maybe it's just because I'm currently serving as a missionary, but does anyone else feel like the church is SUPER focused on the work right now? I felt so blessed to watch the broadcast (The Work of Salvation) yesterday. I wanted nothing more than for every member of the church to be watching that broadcast yesterday so that they too could catch the wave of missionary work. I felt like I was watching a 21st century high tech version of General Conference, but even better because it was all about la obra misisonal! You can watch said broadcast via :) I felt so blessed to be a missionary yesterday. It has been the biggest blessing, and the most exciting thing to have been here to see how missionary work was, hear the age change announcement on the field, see the rush of missionaries, and now see missionary work go digital! I was talking to Hna Post and had I gone on a mission a transfer earlier or later, it just wouldn't have been the same. Blessed and grateful are the biggest understatements. 

Elder Christoffel Golden of the 70 (he spoke in this past General Conference) came to tour the mission, and we had a special zone conference in Pasadena. I cried as I was driving through Pasadena to get to the chapel, it was so bittersweet to see how very much closed that chapter of my missionary life is. Elder Golden was so bold, direct, and to the point. He told us we could do more, in a loving caring way; but he also didn't sugar coat anything. Elder Golden emphasized exactly what I had been studying last week/ what my letter was about last week. I knew that I had been prepared by the Lord to receive his counsel and apply it to myself. Elder Golden also went deep doctrine on us, explaining the importance and the significance of our work citing the pearl of great price, and the war in heaven. Let's be real, whenever the Pearl of Great Price is involved, you know it's going to be good. The best thing about that day was that after the meeting I got a letter from a high school friend who I hadn't spoken to in about 5 years! I was puzzled because the return address was from a state I knew my friend didn't live in. The letters contents filled me with golden rays of sunshine!

-I went on exchanges with Sis Stofferahn. A new sister missionary from Ogden, UT. It was so great. I left her with the motto, "Make everyone your best friend." We worked on her contacting skills. Going from, "Hi were missionaries. We have a message about Jesus Christ would you like to learn more?" to "Hi! What was the best thing about your day?"
-Sis Stofferahn and I went on a great run, knocked into people who were fake nice to us. When we switched back we found our companions soaking wet. The poor things looked as if they had jumped into a swimming pool! I wish I had taken a picture. There is nothing quite like Texas rain.
- On the first day of Summer (June 21st) Hna Post and I decided to ride bikes. We have so much more appreciation for Elders now! I don't know how they do it everyday. It was so hard! I was sweating and dehydrated. Thank the heavens I had packed frozen waterbottles in a cooler. It was manna from heaven!
- Remember the less active woman from last week? Hna Perez? She read the first 6 pages of the LDM for the first time ever (& the LDM for the first time ever really) and had an amazing experience. She was like, "I KNOW this book is from God! It's beautiful, all the things it says!"
-We invited Milton to be baptized, he still hasn't accepted a date! We're planning on teaching him about the importance of church this week.
- Saw Blanca and Luis. They're back from a vacation to Mexico. I had a really great experience with them! They're 7th day Adventists and always ask about why Sabbath day is on Sunday, and the answer just came to me. I explained that Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Mosaic law, that before the Sabbath was for more sacrifices. But, our savior resurrected on a Sunday, isn't that what the Sabbath is all about? Remembering him?
- After the broadcast the English Elders gave us a referral for a family. We contacted them, and had a wonderful lesson. For part of the lesson, it was strange, I felt as if I was there, but not there. As if I was observing the lesson almost. They had great questions though like, "Why did God choose Abraham and Moses?" Answered with Jer 1:5. "And what happens in times of Apostasy?"
-We tried visiting Brenda & Joaquin yesterday after the broadcast, and turns out they were having a family barbeque! We were instantly invited. Oh I felt like I was at home: family story time, chistes, yummy food, etc.

I LOVE Tejas (different from Texas, Tejas refers to the people, NOT the place.)

Te amo times a millz, 
Hna Flores


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