Sunday, July 14, 2013

part-member potential in Pecan park. (alliteration at it's finest.)

Technically training is over, BUT Hna Post and I will still be companions one more transfer. I was so drained of energy Saturday night (the day of transfer calls) and so when we got the news I literally just plopped into bed. Hna Post was SO excited to still be companions, in the middle of the night she said, "Hna! I'm so happy right now! I'm so happy that we're still going to be companions." I mustered every ounce of energy I could to convey my excitement. It was so weird, I was so excited, but didn't have the energy to voice it. So, yes! Hna Post and I will be together one more transfer in Pecan Park! Hurrah for Israel. It kind of doesn't even feel like transfers are even happening. Our district is changing though, E. Jensen and E.Leiva are both going home (as well as E. Conan from Pasadena!). I also realized this week that I've never been in a district without zone leaders. I love it that way though, I've always been with Elders who really know their purpose, and inspire me to work harder.  

There are so many possibilities in Pecan Park right now! We're currently working with 2 part-member families. The first is Ashley and her boyfriend. Ashley was supposed to come to church yesterday, we were so sad when she didn't. After church we went to visit her and her bf N ( a less-active). Ashley is progressing really well! It was so cute, we taught her on Wednesday about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Ashley has all her pamphlets in this cute binder, and she takes notes during our lessons! She's in 1 Nephi 8 in her reading, and I told her, "I love Chapter 8!" and she said, "Well I loved chapter 7!" We just need to get her bf to love church again. Pray for a milagro.

The other part-member family we're working with is la Familia Araujo. In May in the post, "Mission Moments" I wrote about the Hour of Power miracle we had. We met a man (*Marcos)  who was baptized 18 years ago, and at the same time a member I knew from Pasadena 3 had just so happened to randomly be at his house. (The member didn't even know the man, he was simply buying a car from them). Marcos originally told us he couldn't meet with us because his wife didn't want us to come over. But, we went back a couple of weeks ago and they let us right in. Last night we officially taught about the restoration to Marcos and his wife. It clicked for them! Marcos' wife after learning about Prophets told us, "so it's like the President and his cabinet, so a prophet sends you to teach the people." Apostasy also made sense to them. Apostasy is sometimes such a hard concept for people we are teaching to understand, but it clicked for them. We went over the pattern of Apostasy and helped them to understand that a Restoration was necessary, and what more a restoration with a prophet! 

Hna Posts' teaching is getting so good! I have seen a major jump in improvement in just this week. I love training, I really do. Speaking of training, I spoke to Hna Tonga last night (my first trainee) and she's training again! :) I definitely changed a couple of things this second time around, and I feel so much more confident about how better prepared Hna Post is to lead. She's also been a rockstar with leading on exchanges. She's had to lead on 6 exchanges, maybe more, some of them with English sisters. I tell her this all the time, but just like the Lord knew I'd be a sister training leader, he also knew she'd be my companion, he knew she could do it!

- Milton is 50/50 on the LDM, he said, "I can't say that's it's true, but I also can't say that it isn't." He's in 1 Nephi 14, but has also been jumping around and reading other things in Alma, 3 Nephi, etc. 
- We saw Byron again yesterday. He's the teenager from Provo. Oh it was such a gratitude-filled experience. Byron lives with about 5 other people, immigrants. People who are just searching for a better life. One of the men Byron explained, "when we're here we want to be in Guatemala, but when we're in Guatemala we want to be here. It just feels like we don't belong anywhere." Hna Post and I walked out of there feeling so much more grateful for all that we have. 

*name has been changed
te amo!
Hna Flores

Sis Hyde & I! Sis Hyde is leaving the mission this wed. :(
E. Limb, E.Ho Ching, Sis. Hyde and I at the mission home after MLC (Missionary Leadership Council). 
The Zone Leaders invited us to a 4th of July barbeque. Super Patriotic. :)


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