Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I remember stepping into the MTC and thinking, "2014. That's forever away!" And yet here we are. I have always been a lover of "new." New years. New school year. New semester. New area. New clothes. New notebooks. New journals. There's something exciting about facing the unknown! I am now working my way through the third year in my 10 year journal. I noticed that for the past 3 years I have welcomed in the new year in different states: California, Texas, and now Louisiana. We've been talking a lot about resolutions in my companionship. I have my resolutions written down in the above mentioned journal and it was rather funny to see the transition in my goal setting.

Instead of New Years Resolutions, I seem to have made a list of Life Resolutions with 2014 being the year to kind of lay the foundation for what I want to be a lifelong pursuit of spiritual progression. 

1. Pray daily 
2. Daily scripture study specifically the Book of Mormon
3. Attend the temple once a week This is one of those after the mission goals. I WISH I could go once a week here! Sadly, I have to resort to 4 months. 
4. Family History Sundays Once again, after the mission. I am obsessed. Either I'll work on my personal family history or I'll index. Specifically Spanish names! There are so many Spanish records that need to be sorted. It's not even funny.
5.100% Visiting Teaching I refuse to ever miss a month of Visiting Teaching. My mission has just completely converted me to the need for visiting teaching. 
6. Write missionaries weekly. All of my companions will basically still be on their missions for MONTHS after I go home. That's what happens when President pairs you with nothing but greenies! I'm so excited to see them transform and to hear from them. I have already promised all of my companions packages and weekly updates galore, complete with pictures. As missionaries we crave photos more than anything else! 
7. 100% tithing No ifs. ands. or buts.
8. Go out with the missionaries once a month. I would say weekly, but I figure that will be hard to do when I move to Provo...

I love the feeling of rejuvenation that just fills every day of January! Firsts, starts, beginnings, fresh, these are just some of my favorite words.

The work has picked up in Lake Charles. We found several less actives that we can work with this week. We met a Part Member family and felt impressed to talk to them about We came to find out that this family is SUPER into family history and so we are returning this week to show them the ropes and the wonderful new website that the church has created. We also met a Less Active family from Rialto, CA. I love Californians, you can just tell. One of my favorite quotes from this week was from John, another less active from California who said, "Oh, it's hard to get a Cali girl to leave California." True statement. I'm never leaving! Anyways, back to the LA family. We got them started on their Book of Mormon reading and have been sending them text message challenges to try and motivate them. Call me cheesy! 

There are good things that are happening here. Also, It's been confirmed by my President. I'm looking at a March 19th departure! President explained that he had to call Salt Lake to get my dates figured out. It was kind of a tricky situation. So glad that I still have 2 months to serve the Lord full-time! But, don't be surprised if I never come home. :)

With Love,
Sis Flores

oh, p.s. Feliz dia de los Reyes Magos!!!

New Years Eve! Sis Muñoz and I are holding Blue Bell's Mardi Gras King Cake flavored ice cream. King Cake is Louisiana's version of a Rosca. (The bread that Mexicans eat today! January 6th Dia de Los Reyes Magos). :)

The only thing missing from our church are cool signs. When are we going to get signs??? :]

This week I became official.


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