Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ice storm.

We had snow this week! SNOW! In Louisiana (For those of you who don't know I was switched to be an English missionary and serve in the highly-coveted only sisters area in Louisiana!!!). We've been having extreme weather lately. In an email today, President Crawford told us to purchase batteries, food that we can eat without power (they're expecting power outages here), and to make sure our phones are constantly being charged. It is a little crazy. On Friday morning we were told to stay inside until about 1pm, but it took another hour and a half for us to be able to leave because our car was barricaded under a layer of ice. My mission dreams have become a reality. Not only have I been transferred to Louisiana, but now I've had snow on my mission too! La vie et bien!

Bro. Ortiz Sr. is doing well! We taught Bro. Ortiz with a member who just got back from his mission in The Dominican Republic, it was such a successful lesson, and Bro. Ortiz Sr. now has a ward friend! We also were able to give Bro. Ortiz a tour of the chapel ending with watching the restoration video, and for the cherry on top, he witnessed a baptism. He still hasn't come to church, but we are working on that! 

While Bro. Ortiz didn't come to church, we did have the family from California I wrote about 2ish weeks ago. :) (See the letter Bienvenue2014.) Some of the family was sick, but while at church Sis. Myers (we'll call them that) was able to have a great convo with a man who served there 10 or so years ago. 

& In other news, Hna St.John called me from Baytown yesterday morning to let me know that Katia (see "Kind of Like a Second Mission Call...) came back from her vacation in the Dominican Republic and is still progressing towards baptism. If all goes well, I can expect to take a little trip to Baytown either this weekend or the next! :) I love that woman, and I will be so so so excited to have a little reunion of sorts with Hna St. John! I love her more than words can express. 

Also, this is the last week of the transfer! Where did the time go? Although, this past transfer was a 7-week one, it seems to have just rushed on by.

I love my mission and you all!
<3 te amo times a millz
Sis Flores


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